Create your own vehicle routing, mapping and logistics planning software, with PTV xServer

Build your own solution

PTV xServer allows you to add sophisticated logistics and geographic capabilities to your desktop or system environment. Simply choose the functions you want and we’ll tell you the modules you need. Then integrate them seamlessly with your existing solution, or build something from scratch.


Host it in the cloud

No space for servers? No worries. The cloud version of PTV xServer, hosted on the Windows Azure™ platform, gives you all the features without the need for hardware. Plus we’ll take care of data security, maintenance and updates.



Ongoing support from experts

Need help? Our experts can answer any questions you have about adding geographical and logistical functions to your existing system environment. You can try PTV X-Server now for free, with access to sample coding.


Why PTV?

Discover how powerful PTV xServer is in a live testing environment. Then sign up for a free 15-day trial in your own business.



Save software developing costs thanks to ready-to-use functions

PTV xServer are logistical and geographical developer components that you can easily and seamlessly integrate into your software or system environment. PTV xServer provide you scalable performance, extendable functional range and the possibility for numerous individual settings. Save yourself costly in-house development and benefit from our extensive service and support in all matters.

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