Truck Traffic information

The longer your trucks stay stuck in traffic, the less your company profits. Considering how tight margins are in the modern trucking industry, you simply can't afford to send out your trucks on pre-determined routes and hope for the best as far as traffic is concerned. Thankfully, PTV's truck tracking software has truck traffic information embedded. You can now make better routing decisions.

Realtime truck traffic information

Unless your firm can react quickly to late-developing traffic, you stand to lose quite a bit of money. The longer a vehicle asset stays stuck in traffic, the less opportunities you have in assigning new customers to that asset. You need real time truck traffic information so you can make important routing decisions as traffic conditions develop.

More profit by optimising truck routes

It's very hard to optimise a truck route ahead of time. Your trucks have to be already in the flow of traffic for you to know whether you made the right routing decisions. Sadly, this is too late. Get a head start on your competitors by using real time truck traffic information when making routing decisions.

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