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PTV xServer Cookbook

PTV xServer Manual

The PTV xServer Manual offers the following benefits:

  • The clear structure allows different readers like purchasers, administrators and developers to gather user-specific information.
  • The new HTML5 help provides an improved search - find with one buzzword API methods, technical concepts or general information. Limit your search with 5 new categories.
  • There are new chapters explaining complex server setups and configurations available.
  • This manual replaces the formerly known "service specification" and "PTV xServer Cookbook".

Online Version (September 2017)



PTV xServer2 Manual

The PTV xServer Manual offers the following benefits:

  • The clear structure allows different readers like purchasers, administrators and developers to gather user-specific information.
  • Integrated showcases for demonstration and comprehension.
  • Interactive step-by-step integration samples for each component.

Online Version (September 2017)



PTV xServer internet

PTV's cloud solution for developer components

Discover our "PTV xServer internet Developer Guide" for a successful start-up with our cloud solution hosted by Windows Azure, including:
Guidelines for successful start-up, information and tips for developing your application, detailed information on the currently available systems, test possibilities etc.

PTV xServer internet Developer Guide



The following benchmarks are available for download:

Product Benchmark
PTV xLocate Server benchmark-xlocate-1.24
PTV xMap Server benchmark-xmap-1.24
PTV xMapmatch Server benchmark-xmapmatch-1.24
PTV xRoute Server benchmark-xroute-1.24
PTV xTour Server benchmark-xtour-1.24
PTV xTerritorry benchmark-xterritory-1.24
PTV xDima Server unfortunately not available
PTV xCluster Server unfortunately not available
PTV xLoad Server benchmark-xload-1.24
PTV xServer 2 benchmark-windows-2.4.0

Code Samples

 Code Samples

The following code samples are helpful getting started with the development of the PTV xServer. They are tested with following versions: and higher. Please notice that PTV xServer currently support Java 7 and Java 6.

Please visit PTV xServer Cookbook for comprehensive training.


 PTV xServer Request Runner

Please, use the "PTV xServer Request Runner" which is located in the following directory of your PTV xServer: <root path>/tools/requestrunner. More information about its purpose can be found at our Developer Blog.




 PTV xMap Server Testtool

Testtool     The tool is designed to create and send requests to PTV xMap Server. It is also possible to import and export XML requests.
An executable PTV xMap Server (full or test version) is required!



 PTV xRoute Server BCR Converter

The BCR converter is an easy to use Java class library to convert a route calculated by PTV xRoute Server into a string in BCR format.

Then you can use this BCR string for guided navigation in your BCR capable mobile device. The converter is an extension to the Java client classes provided with the PTV xRoute Server.


     The converter is an example and not part of further development, maintenance and service. Enhancements and improvements can be discussed in the forum.

Youtube video example  How to convert your customized profiles

 PTV xDima Server Tester

With this tool you can easily create and maintain distance matrices based on PTV xDima Server.

The tool supports the complete lifecycle of distance matrices

  • createDima / deleteDima
    ow to create and destroy distance matrices
  • calculateDistanceTable / deleteDistanceTable  (*)
    how to exceed and flush existing distance matrices
  • cancelCalculation / getCalculationProgress / unlockDima
    how to check the status of a computation and how to interrupt / clean a distance matrix computation
  • getLocations / getDimaProfile
    how to get meta data from distance matrices
  • getDistPeriod / setDistPeriod
    how to set and retrieve driving times and distances from existing distance matrices
  • importDima / exportDima
    how to import / export values of existing distance matrices

(*) For the method “calculateDistanceTable” you can provide test data by a simple text file. It just contains x/y coordinates separated by a semicolon. The coordinate format of these integer values depends on the distance matrices coordinate format.

PTV xDima Tester (40 KB)Sample test data (270 Bytes)

Feel free to create much bigger files if necessary.