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Versions available for download

PTV xServer


PTV xLocate Server

PTV xMap Server

PTV xRoute Server

PTV xMapmatch Server

PTV xTour Server

PTV xDima Server

PTV xCluster Server

PTV xLoad Server
PTV xTerritory Server
PTV xServer bundle
PTV xServer 2 2.8.1

PTV xServer1 add-ons


PTV xServer add-on AJAX Maps

PTV xServer add-on Traffic Info Loader


PTV WMS-plugin
PTV Content Update Service
PTV BCR Converter 1.0.0

PTV xServer2 add-ons


PTV Content Update Service 2.8.0
PTV CUS xServer1 Adapter 2.8.0

PTV xServer .NET


PTV xServer SDK for .NET applications


PTV Mapserver


PTV Mapserver SDK and InstKit