PTV xServer .NET

PTV xServer functionality for .NET applications

Use PTV xServer .NET components to add PTV xServer functionality to your .NET applications! PTV xServer .NET is a SDK, which provides ready-to-use components for the easy creation of clients. The focus is on the handling of maps and the creation of interactive map applications. Use the abstraction layer of PTV xServer .NET to embed xServer functionality into your client solution, e.g. PTV xLocate, PTV xRoute etc. Code Samples illustrate the use of map controls and the integration of various map layers.

This Software Development Kit consists of

  • PTV xServer .NET components: map controls and other supporting functions for the creation of client applications.
  • Demo Center: Sample program illustrating typical scenarios and use cases of PTV xServer applications: map visualisations, routing, trip planning etc. The source code of the Demo Center is also included in the SDK for the retracing of the implementation.
  • Code Samples: Exemplary implementations demonstrate the utilization of the PTV xServer .NET components, e.g. map layers, rendering, routing demos etc.
  • Documentation: How-to descriptions, technical concepts and SDK reference in HTML format.

Test PTV xServer .NET

As existing customer you find the setup within the customer download area. Just login and go to "PTV xServer / Product Download".

PTV xServer .NET is the right product for you!

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PTV xServer .NET is the right product for you!

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