PTV xServer extended functionalities

The next generation of PTV xServer is now available.

We designed a completely new framework which bundles all services, offering you extended functionalities especially for Routing, Mapping and Geocoding use cases. The new API design is easier to understand and application programmers will profit from improved flexibility and consistency across all services.

Discover the extended functionalities:

Use Case: Mapping

New extended features:

  • Tiled map rendering based on the REST-API
    With the new PTV xMap service REST API for map tiles you are able to use de facto standards in web mapping to display interactive maps by using map tiles instead of a single map image.
  • Requesting single map layers
    With the new PTV xMap service you are able to request single layers (background, labels, Feature Layer) and build your own hybrid map.

Use Case: Geocoding

New extended features:

  • Single-field geocoding based on addresspoints
    With the new PTV xLocate service you are able to search for exact house numbers using either the web service or the new REST API.

Use Case: Routing

New extended features:

  • Different specialized waypoint types
    With the new PTV xRoute service you are able to differ between on road and off road waypoints. With this different types you can decide how each location should be treated during a route calculation. So you can control whether or not the location is part of the route.

  • Evaluate route attributes
    The new xRoute service gives you the possibility to gain much more segment specific information like physical and legal restrictions for your calculated route.

Read more details on the new extended features in our Developer Blog.