Cluster planning

Perfectly balanced and compact clusters for more efficiency in the field

Optimal territories play a very important role in the management of sales representatives and service technicians, the planning of warehouse locations and their delivery areas as well as delivery planning. They combine various locations to geographically compact and contiguous clusters which are additionally balanced according to certain activity measures like workload, turnover, sales possibilities etc.

Based on locations like customer addresses, postcode areas etc. you can plan new territories from scratch, re-assign existing locations to territory centres or improve an existing territory structure.

PTV xServer can also take into account call frequencies within one week (e.g. Monday and Friday) as well as over weeks (e.g. biweekly/multi-weekly). As a result the customers to visit are close to each other per cluster which results in shorter distances to drive and therefore time savings for the field reps.

Consider individual cases and requirements for realisable scenarios

In some cases, it is important to consider relationships that should remain unaltered. It is always possible to define existing unalterable assignments between territories and locations as well as to group locations prior to territory planning. This ensures e.g. that established relationships between customers (locations) and sales representatives (territory centres) will be kept. Grouping locations can be useful e.g., when customers with the same postcode should always be visited from the same field manager.

PTV xServer is designed to process big amounts of data and to optimise territory in terms of balance (e.g. workload, turnover, sales potential, etc.), compactness and contiguity.