Geofencing with PTV xServer: Provides safety for your transports

Geofencing module by PTV Components for secure transport.

The PTV geofencing function enables you to keep track of all your vehicles. The special thing about geofencing is that you can define an area that your vehicles cannot leave without being noticed. With corridor fencing, it is also possible to define a specific route vehicles cannot leave. All you need for geofencing is a GPS transmitter for your objects. Geofencing is therefore especially important for security-related transports. Get to know how the geofencing function works and where it makes sense to use.

Geofencing: Automatic intervention in case of unauthorized removal of your objects

Geofencing and corridor fencing are mainly used in security-related contexts. The functions ensure that an object equipped with a GPS transmitter cannot leave a defined area (geofencing) or route (corridor fencing) unnoticed. It is a virtual fence, so to speak. As soon as the geofencing system detects the GPS signal outside the defined area, an automatic action is initiated. This action may be a SMS message, an alarm screen, or even interventions in the vehicle's electronics to prevent it from starting, for example.

Geofencing is suitable for numerous use cases

Geofencing is especially relevant for any security-relevant needs for your vehicles and objects. Geofencing is already used successfully for:

  • Monitoring agricultural and construction equipment (unauthorised removal)
  • Area control for rental cars (distance from the contract area)
  • Transport of money and valuables and security transports (leaving the default route)
  • Time-critical transports (reaching checkpoints)

Geofencing with PTV Components: Data protection guaranteed

Geofencing enables effective theft prevention without permanent surveillance of the objects. Involved people, e.g. vehicle drivers, don't feel surveilled. This aspect is particularly relevant with regard to data protection requirements.

Extend your software solution with effective functions such as geofencing, corridor fencing and many more. Tailored to meet your individual requirements. With the PTV xServer.