Digital maps for a precise and individual visualisation

Geo-information and digital maps have become part of our everyday routines - we search, edit, organise, analyse and present geographical data with PCs, tablets and smartphones:

New extended features:

  • Tiled map rendering based on the REST-API
    With the new PTV xMap service REST API for map tiles you are able to use de facto standards in web mapping to display interactive maps by using map tiles instead of a single map image.
  • Requesting single map layers
    With the new PTV xMap service you are able to request single layers (background, labels, Feature Layer) and build your own hybrid map.
  • Radius search for the nearest supermarket
  • Display routes
  • Presentation of the current traffic reports
  • Planning of routes and trips
  • Display position of mobile units in real time
  • Analysis of geographical data such as demography, purchasing power, etc.
  • Structuring of delivery areas
  • Optimisation of production locations and depots

Digital Mapping is crucial for any visualisation with a geographic reference

This list could go on endlessly. Yet these examples all have one thing in common: the interface and the handling of digital maps are instrumental in shaping the user's perception of the quality of the product.

PTV is your strong partner for the integration of digital maps into your own software solution. With our software components, you can benefit from more than 30 years of experience and development work, maps and data from the leading manufacturers, numerous customisation options, different map formats and aerial photographs, maps displayed in different languages and alphabets and much more.