PTV does not leave you alone on the last mile to your customer. PTV Navigator components provides you with a set of components that enable you to build customised navigation solutions and seamlessly integrate them into your applications.

Of course PTV Navigator components is equipped to meet all the requirements in the B2B and B2C area with the usual standard features, such as a speed warner, speech synthesis, 2D and 3D map designs, as well additional features, such as various speed profiles and truck attributes, such as vehicle height and width, hazardous goods restrictions, closures, authorised maximum weight, etc.

By creating your own navigation, you can configure the software according to your wishes and requirements. From the design of the map to the additional selectable functions.

Another advantage of PTV navigation is the seamless interaction with other PTV products. For example, it is possible to directly transfer the complete route that has been calculated by PTV Map&Guide into the vehicle's navigation device. "Guided Navigation" ensures that the route that has been centrally planned and the route that is actually travelled match and, in turn, that the calculated distance-related transportation costs, tolls, emissions, etc. also match.