Radius search

PTV xServer: Delivery route planner with integrated radius search

Delivery route planner with an integrated radius search function.

The PTV delivery route planner has an integrated radius search. It therefore enables you to search for objects situated nearby from any location. The delivery route software includes objects such as customer addresses, branches, petrol stations and restaurants. In case of any appointment cancellations by your customers, the delivery routing software supports you in spontaneous rescheduling and searches for other available customers. Learn how the delivery route software helps you to react flexibly for an efficient route scheduling.

Delivery route planner: Find objects nearby your current location

With the delivery route planner, you can find various objects near your current location. These objects may be customer addresses or any other available locations in your data base. For example, if a customer cancels an appointment with your sales representative at short notice, the radius search quickly identifies other customers. You can define a specific radius of the current location. The relevant radius of your location can be calculated according to the direct distance, journey time or route. Integrated into geoinformation systems, the delivery route software displays branches near your customer's location. The delivery routing software also limits the selection of products in an online auction according to the distance to the product location, for example.

Delivery route software: Search function and navigation combined

The search function can be filtered to include the immediate area around a defined route, a so-called corridor search. The delivery route planner allows you to display customers, petrol stations, restaurants or other configurable objects within a defined corridor along the route. You can directly navigate to these (intermediate) destinations if needed.

With the PTV software components you can easily integrate functions such as radius and corridor search and the calculation of isochrones into your own delivery routing software.