Route planning

Route optimization with PTV Components: Professional transport management

PTV is your reliable partner for professional routing scheduling and vehicle routing. The route optimizer offers a wide range of geographical and logistical functions and calculates the optimum truck route. It can easily be integrated into your own route optimization software. Learn how PTV xServer facilitates your transport logistics and get to know the various functions.

PTV Components: Route optimizer for all vehicle routing requirements

Various online-platforms offer route calculation and it is quite simple. But professional truck and vehicle routing is much more. For professional route scheduling, many - and often specific - requirements need to be taken into account. The routing software components by PTV xServer support you in planning field service activities and in truck and vehicle routing. The route optimizer considers all relevant truck routing requirements. That's what makes the difference between simple routing software and route optimization with PTV xServer.

PTV Components: Comprehensive routing scheduling thanks to various functions

Extend your route optimization software with PTV Components. The route optimizer covers all specific routing scheduling requirements and therefore calculates the optimum truck route.

  • Various time restrictions (fixed appointments, ramp and depot opening times, etc.)
  • Legal provisions (e.g. driving times and rest periods)
  • Combined modes of transport (rail, ferry)
  • Vehicle-specific speed profiles
  • Historical and live traffic information
  • Truck attributes (vehicle size and weight, driving bans on routes and in cities, etc.)
  • Truck routing (to avoid tolls, low-emission zones, city centres, turning manoeuvres, etc.)
  • Precise calculation of tolls, emissions and transport costs
  • Manual editing of route network
  •  …and many more

PTV is your strong partner for integrating routing functions into your own routing software solution. No matter how complex your routing scheduling is, you will bring your product onto the roads with the PTV developer components - for certain.

New extended features:

  • Different specialized waypoint types
    With the new PTV xRoute service you are able to differ between on road and off road waypoints. With this different types you can decide how each location should be treated during a route calculation. So you can control whether or not the location is part of the route.

  • Evaluate route attributes
    The new xRoute service gives you the possibility to gain much more segment specific information like physical and legal restrictions for your calculated route.