Toll calculation

Toll road calculator: Exact toll costs calculation

Toll costs have a significant impact on your transport costs. The toll calculator module by PTV xServer considers all toll costs when planning a truck route. To avoid unnecessary transport costs, it sometimes makes sense to take a detour to avoid toll roads. The PTV toll cost calculator module supports you in any case. Learn how to calculate tolls precisely for a specific truck route and how to save transport costs.

Precise toll cost calculation for numerous European countries and North America

The PTV toll road calculator enables you to make a precise toll costs calculation for many European countries and North America. The toll calculator also considers toll cost increases when they have already been adopted. Therefore, future trips or cost simulations are up to date and precise. With the PTV toll cost calculator, you can also avoid toll roads when planning your truck route and thereby save transport costs.

The PTV components will enable you to make precise toll calculations for many European countries and North America. Toll increases that have already been adopted can be automatically taken into account when calculating future trips or making cost simulations. You also have the option of avoiding toll roads when planning your route and thereby saving costs.