Tracking and tracing

Track and trace with PTV: Live vehicle tracking

Keep an eye on your vehicles and cargo at any time with PTV´s track and trace module. The vehicle tracker transfers current locations to the central system at regular intervals and displays them on a digital map. You can trace and track the journeys of your vehicles, goods and consignments in real time.

PTV Components: Additional applications for comprehensive vehicle tracking

The PTV vehicle tracking system enables you to locate your vehicles and monitor your routes. Besides that, the trace and track module offers additional applications:

  • Electronic log books
  • Monitoring of driving behaviour (speeding, deviations from the route, etc.)
  • Punctual arrival at checkpoints for time-critical transports
  • Post target-performance comparisons, e.g. planned kilometres vs. actual kilometres driven.
  • Checking of subcontractor invoices
  • Verification of toll invoices
  • Search for objects in the area such as clients, depots, petrol stations, etc. (also see radius search)

PTV vehicle tracker: Safe trips thanks to security applications

Fleet tracking is especially for security-related applications important. The track and trace module therefore enables to locate drivers and objects and also to communicate with them.

  • Emergency buttons (E-call, B-call)
  • Deviation from a defined route or area (also see geofencing)
  • Event-driven actions (a certain sensor status, e.g. opening of the fuel tank cap, vehicle motion at unauthorised times, exceedance of permitted refrigeration temperature etc.)

Integrate PTV´s vehicle tracker with track and trace functions into your own fleet management software solution.