Trip optimisation

PTV Components: Route scheduling module to optimise your transport management

Route scheduling and vehicle scheduling module for your route planning software.

Route optimisation is quite complex in the field of professional route scheduling and transportation planning. Efficient route planning necessitates considering many route scheduling-relevant factors, e.g. truck attributes, driving time and vehicle parameters. Extend your routing and scheduling software with PTV Components and optimise your transport management. The vehicle scheduling software module enables you to effectively map the reality of the logistics business and field service in detail.

PTV Components: Various functions to complete your route scheduling software

The route scheduling module considers numerous factors that are relevant for efficient route planning. With its various functions, the vehicle scheduling module facilitates complex route optimisation tasks.

  • Available vehicles and trailers
  • Truck attributes (vehicle size and weight, driving bans on routes and in cities, etc.)
  • Truck routing (to avoid tolls, low-emission zones, city centres, turning manoeuvres, etc.)
  • Time restrictions (driving hours regulations and rest periods, ramp opening times, depot opening times, fixed appointments, maximum transport time, loading and unloading times, etc.)
  • Vehicle parameters (load capacity, speed profile and other characteristics such as "cooling required", for example)
  • Several possible depots
  • Different optimisation procedures (minimisation of vehicle deployment, the fastest or shortest route, equal distribution of capacity among drivers)
  • Trip amendment for new orders received at short notice
  • Different ways of combining tractors and trailers
  • Manual editing of the route network
  • Time and distance calculator
  • …and many more

Integrate the know-how built up over more than 30 years of transport planning  into your own route scheduling software solution. Now matter how varied your orders are or how complex your trip planning is - with PTV xServer you will generate the optimum solution for every problem.