What is the usecase of PTV xIntermodal?

PTVs approach to routing calculation that combines various networks together.

What is the usecase of PTV xIntermodal?

Postby Bernd Welter » Thu May 04, 2017 8:18 am

There we go - here's a description of the story behind PTV xIntermodal, provided by our Solution Director Michael Nutto.
Feel free to provide feedback and to ask questions.
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PTV xIntermodal Server enables you to design an intermodal routing taking various transportation modes into account as follows:
• Deep/Short sea
• Rail
• Road
• Inland Navigation
• Air
Based on these transportation modes following use cases can be carried out:
1. Planing and execution: Quick and easy calculation of alternative connections taking schedules and costs into account. Calculating emissions for the green footprint. As an intermodal planning system, transport orders can allocated and optimized based on time and costs. A comprehensive exception handling is provided to avoid penalties in cases of time-critical deliveries.
2. Strategic intermodal planning: Comparing alternative routes according to the valid combinations of transportation modes and making decisions easy to select the optimum routes with respect to times and costs. Carrying out network simulation and assessment with following objectives:
a. comparing operator and network performance
b. elaborate different scenarios finding an optimum flow of goods
c. strategic planning for analyzing optimum intermodal routings taking customer-specific constraints into account
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Re: What is the usecase of PTV xIntermodal?

Postby nikersch » Mon May 15, 2017 1:19 pm

- How does the integration with xRoute or other xServer components works?
- Is it possible to e.g. call my current xRoute service - calculateRoute(A,B) and I then if available also get routes that include partly intermodal transportation-options? Or would xIntermodal then replace xRoute for that scenario?
- Does xRoute and xIntermodal use the same maps / POI data? A road only route between, e.g., Vienna-Stockholm delivers (given the same profile-options) the same route in xRoute and xIntermodal?
- What is the "code-base / architecture" behind xIntermodal, on the level of xServer 1.x or already xServer 2.x?

Thank you!
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