Maps & Content

Digital maps and content form the basis of all geographical and logistical functions. Optimum results can therefore only be gained when sophisticated technologies together with digital maps and content meet the highest requirements.

PTV has over 30 years of experience in the field of digital maps and works closely with leading data providers. Features of the PTV maps are:

  • Highest data quality and detailing
  • Individual tailoring of map look & feel
  • Geographic coverage, detailing or display content customisable to customer-specific requirements
  • Integration of individual points of interest (e.g. customer addresses, branch locations etc.)

The extended content includes, for example:

  • Toll cost calculation and toll avoidance of current and future tolls within route planning
  • Truck attributes for truck-specific route planning
  • Tunnel restriction codes
  • Speed restrictions
  • Low emission zones
  • Historical traffic information (traffic patterns)
  • Dynamic traffic information
  • Postcode information and postal boundaries
  • Socioeconomic data as well as regional and postal boundaries for geomarketing, location planning, area planning
  • Standard POIs from HERE or TomTom
  • Additional POIs, e.g. Truck washbays, DocStop and tank farms
  • Statistical areas

Many PTV customers are working around the world. PTV is also able to cover special requirements using individually prepared maps. If a requested geography is not available, the PTV subsidiary DDS Digital Data Services GmbH is in a position to research suitable maps and data worldwide.

Please talk to our customer adviser for more information.

 Maps and map providers

The high quality of our maps and content is one of the PTV strategies. This includes partnerships with the most renowned map providers such as HERE, TomTom and AND. This multi-sourcing politics ensures independence from one specific provider and enables you as the customer to build on existing map solutions. In addition the maps and data are extensively checked, extended and prepared, for example with additional ferries and road segments as well as location details and current roadworks. The unified basis of all PTV products guarantees their compatibility.

 Data preparation

Various editing steps are necessary for the map preparation. The basic preparation is performed in the PTV data department. The input data are converted into PTV formats and then, in particular for the premium maps, extended with PTV's own additional data such as more toll flags, low-emission zones, more road segments, etc. The data department provides the data in PTV binary format. This binary format enables the optimum preparation of data in PTV Software. In addition the various raw data formats (MapInfo, Shape, AGF) are used for transportation planning in PTV Visum and sold by the PTV subsidiary DDS Digital Data Services GmbH.

 Additional content

In addition to the maps, PTV also provides a wide range of extra data. These can be data from the major data providers (e.g. Truck Attributes, Dynamic Traffic Information or Traffic Patterns), collected by PTV itself (such as toll data or low-emission zones) or purchased from third-party providers (e.g. postcode information or locations of speed radars). The additional content can be a part of the maps, such as the low-emission zones and the location codes for the use of traffic message channels (TMCs) or prepared separately from the map. Not all additional content prepared by the data department is automatically included in the products in its full extent as this often requires adjustments to the software when preparing this data.