PTV Mapserver Functions

Integrated mapping and route planning functionality in a Windows environment

Get the core mapping and routing capabilities you need in one box. PTV Mapserver includes:

  • Truck routing: adjust routes to factor in things like height and weight restrictions, or bypass residential areas.
  • Dynamic routing: identify times of day where the maximum speed limit may not be possible, for instance 7-9am and 4-7pm on weekdays, to create realistic arrival times.
  • Logistics optimisation: allow for breaks and specified start or arrival times, and apply intelligent sequencing to routes with more than three stop-off points.
  • Toll calculation: choose to avoid toll roads wherever possible and calculate tolls ahead of time to balance costs against time saved for more informed planning decisions.
  • Emissions calculation: predicts and reports the CO2 emissions for each journey so you can work with customers to reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Geocoding: quickly sort address data into geocoordinates to make planning more efficient. From single addresses to entire databases, the technology can even work backwards to determine addresses from geocoordinates.
  • Radius search: help schedulers plan efficient routes based on the proximity of drop-offs and travel time.
  • Address management: import and manage your own addresses to use in routing and radius searches. Mapserver will even generate an address layer in a Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database.
  • Road editing: RoadEditor allows you to make real-time changes to a route or any part of a road network. Mapserver will take this into account and re-schedule accordingly, ensuring travel times are not compromised.