PTV xMap Server

Integrate and display locations, routes, vehicle positions, customer addresses and more on interactive digital maps

Easily transfer and integrate customer and supplier data to create highly visual and interactive route maps. Using data from leading map providers such as Tom Tom , AND and HERE, our maps display vehicles and mobile objects in real time, and even include combined transport options such as ferries and loading stations. Maps are regularly updated to ensure you’ve always got the latest information at hand and are available in multiple languages.

Vector maps, topographic and aerial maps are all available, and PTV xMapServer can also provide map sections as graphics for use in other applications – available as GIFs, JPEGs, BMP and PNG files. Customise individual map designs  using your  brand colours and icons, including the individual map elements. The whole module is also easily scaled to suit your needs.

For more information, including minimum system requirements and integration advice, you can download the factsheet or contact us.

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