PTV xServer add-ons


Expand the capabilities of your spatial analysis and logistics functions further with these add-ons

Ajax Maps

The AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Maps add-on is a widget that enhances the display performance by:

  • Letting you zoom, pan and scroll in digital maps
  • Providing an API for various applications

AJAX-based web applications are much faster than standard client-server applications. They behave like desktop applications and provide users with results in real time.

AJAX applications can be controlled from JavaScript and are supported by all standard browsers.

Traffic Info Loader

This add-on serves up-to-date traffic information into your digital maps to display traffic, optimise routing and avoid traffic jams.

WebSDK Maps

The graphical user interface of this add-on lets you control individual PTV xServers and demonstrate real applications. You get:

  • Fully-documented individual examples
  • The option to display the source code, then copy it, edit it and save it to immediately see the effect on the results

WebSDK Maps is based on JavaScript and has AJAX Maps add-on already integrated into the interface.




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