PTV xServer's geocoding service converts the address details you uses in your daily operations in-to geo-coordinates on digital maps. This enables your transport operation to map customer depots, customer addresses and other points of interest for more effective routing. As your customer addresses are shown in context with other commercial opportunities or potential risks, you will be able to schedule  optimal routes, resulting in improved returns on investment (ROI).

Plan more efficiently with our geocoding services

If you simply stick with addresses when planning your routes, you might be leaving a lot of money on the table. Use our geocoding service to put your addresses on a digital map. This way you have an overview of all of the locations, which can help you optimising routes that have a higher profit potential. By having off a couple of kilometres of each route, helps you save:

  • gas
  • time
  • will improve your vehicle utilisation

We also convert geo-coordinates into adresses

Our geocoding service also provides reverse geocoding. If you have geo-coordinates, we can convert them into contextual physical addresses, i.e. street name, house number, city, state and country information. This is an easy way to help flesh out your digital maps regardless of the type of starting data you have. Integrate our geocodes with your logistics software today and unleash your company's full profit potential. Call or e-mail PTV and discover the possibilities our PTV xServer software has to offer for your company.

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