Use our geofencing services in order to protect your logistics or trucking company from possible losses. This technology enables you to:

  • set digital perimeters for your trucks and other vehicles
  • to receive notifications when the vehicles leaves this boundary
  • automatically log exits and (re)entries
  • take immediate action in these cases

This technology is very flexible in use because it easily alerts your company if certain company assets are transported outside of a region or specified location without authorization. This allows you to react immediately and with suitable actions.

Geofencing protects your bottom line

Every year, logistics companies lose money through theft, cargo spoilage due to unauthorised rerouting and other routing based issues. With PTV's geofencing service, you will be alerted if assets are taken without your authorisation. In addition you can get alerts when a vehicle asset leaves a fixed geographic area or 'geographic corridor' or when a vehicle doesn't arrive on time. This allows you to take immediate action and prevent losses.

PTV technology enhances your surveillances assets

Most logistic companies already have surveillance and loss prevention assets. You can get much more value from these assets through the additional use of our geofencing service. Coordinating among these capabilities increases your company's ability to prevent losses and to take immediate remedial actions once a policy breach occurs. Are you curious to find out how this can work for your company? Call or e-mail PTV for more information about geofencing with PTV xServer software.

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