Map Matching

Map matching is a solution to correct inaccuracies in recorded GPS locations, caused by GPS drift. While GPS technology has improved tremendously, it still has a long way to go. Inaccurate GPS signals can prove very costly for your company because you might end up tracking GPS points which lie outside the actual route used by your vehicle assets. This can negatively impact your bottom line. PTV offers map matching services to help you deal with GPS signal inaccuracy.

Map Matching: avoid potential signal-related losses

Logistics companies can suffer a loss or have to settle for less than optimal earnings if they don't:

  • track delivery performance
  • calculate and minimize toll payments
  • private vs public road use
  • other location-specific tasks

By ensuring that the GPS system you're using matches its underlying map, PTV Group helps you achieve a higher degree of accuracy in vehicle routing. This can play an important role in reducing route- and driving behaviour-related costs. By reducing costs we help you achieve optimal earnings for your company.

Route matching and accuracy testing technology

Logistics companies have to monitor every last mile and have to be as accurate regarding their projections as possible. This way they can deliver the best possible services and maximise their profits. PTV Group’s map matching technology cleans up your GPS tracks so you can make more accurate and profitable projections. Are you curious how this can be achieved for your company? Do you wish to know more about the possibilities? Call or e-mail us for more information about map matching with PTV xServer.

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