Truck Emissions Calculation

Using truck emissions calculation can help your company operate more environmentally friendly. Factors like environmental awareness and carbon-reduction concerns are much considered by trucking customers when they are choosing among different logistics service providers. Make no mistake about it, climate change concerns can make your company less attractive to an increasing number of client prospects. PTV truck emissions calculation technology can help your firm gain a competitive advantage through 'green-friendly' operations thanks to better tracking of your Transportation.

Our truck emissions calculation system is based in solid tracking

Thanks to PTV's solid vehicle asset tracking system, it has become so much easier for companies to calculate their fleet's carbon emissions on both individual and system-wide level. PTV xServer’s tracking system provides several types of data:

  • actual mileage driven
  • different truck attributes
  • actual loads
  • vehicle class and route gradient

These data inputs help your company with an accurate truck emissions calculation. With the different types of data clear, you can more easily spot ways to lower your overall emissions and operate more environmentally friendly.

The more accurate your tracking, the greener your operation can be

If you would like your firm to comply with or even exceed Australia's COPERT green logistics standards, contact us about our tracking system today. Our powerful truck tracking technology can help you convert your company into an ecologically sustainable firm. Want to find out how we can do this? We are happy to explain and show you the possibilities for your company! Call or e-mail PTV for more information about truck emission calculation with xServer.

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