Truck Mapping

Visualise your route or geographic reference with digital maps

Maximise your profits with PTV’s truck mapping solution, we’ll help you get the best value out your assets. This means making sure all vehicle assets travel along efficiently planned routes, reducing travel time and costs. Furthermore, our truck mapping solution will help you with compliance, ensuring you travel the right roads while minimising delivery time for your company.

Indispensable in today’s industry

With the thin profit margins in today’s trucking and logistics industry, you stand to lose money if your company is not fully optimising the utilisation of your trucks and vehicle assets. This is why truck mapping is such an indispensable solution. With PTV’s truck mapping solution you will be able to compete more effectively and deliver better customer service.

Proper resource allocation with truck mapping

Proper resource allocation is just as important as resource tracking (track & trace) when it comes to containing costs and maximising your profits. Sadly, too many trucking companies still rely on old dispatching systems which are very inefficient and prone to error. With our software-based truck mapping you can quickly and accurately track all your resources and allocate them effectively. This way you can cut down on costs and increase your profits.

Try PTV’s truck mapping now!

Considering how competitive the modern trucking industry is, you can’t afford to go without truck mapping. Try our software now and discover how easy it is to map out where your trucks are and maximise their routes. Contact PTV Group for more information about our truck mapping solution!

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