Truck Navigation

With a truck navigation that is software- and GPS-driven, your logistics company can be assured that the most profitable routes are used. While most logistics companies think they have the navigational part of their business down cold, there are quite a few unforeseen factors and changes that could derail a logistics company’s profitability. With PTV’s truck navigation it’s possible to increase profits and effectivity.

The most used vs. the most effective route

After a few years of using maps, mastering routes and working around contingencies, many companies think they have mastered the ins and outs of their business and navigation. This is not necessarily true. Just because you’ve plied the same route for so long, does not mean it’s the most efficient route. PTV’s truck navigation system can find the most efficient routes for your trucks and thereby increase your profits in ways you couldn’t have foreseen otherwise.

Reduce losses with truck navigation

Logistics companies operate on tight margins and any time wasted when a driver gets lost can negatively impact the bottom line. Old methods are no longer up to the job in the current industry. PTV’s always-on cloud-based truck navigation system enables your company to quickly reroute in the event of traffic, road closure, detours or other contingencies.

Try the automated truck navigation system

Nothing wastes money more than guesswork and sloppy rerouting. With PTV’s truck routing system your fleet will always get the right guidance to minimize the probability of loss and maximise your profits. Contact PTV Group today for more information about our truck routing software!

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