Truck Radius Search

What if one of your customers cancel right after the truck arrives? Does your truck head back? What if your drivers need to look for petrol in an unfamiliar area? What if they need to break for lunch? These scenarios can mean substantial losses for your logistics firm if you don't deploy PTV's truck radius search.

PTV's truck radius search

Customers cancel pickup orders all the time. Sadly, this fact means cold comfort to you because if you find replacement customers the wrong way, you end up with less profits or an outright loss. The same applies to drivers looking for petrol or restaurants in unfamiliar places. It's too easy for them to go to a distant location and waste time and gas. Thanks to PTV's truck radius search, your trucks can quickly find replacement customers or petrol and gas.

Don't let unforeseen events derail your firm's profitability

Considering how tight trucking firms' profit margins can be, your trucks need real time guidance to ensure the right profit-saving decisions. Check out PTV's truck radius search technology today! Call or e-mail PTV for more information about: truck radius search technology.

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