Truck Routing

Route your drivers with PTV’s truck routing system and re-route them in real time when conditions change, to make sure they always follow the most efficient route.  In situations as a truck breaking down, a customer cancellation or when a driver needs to stop for a regulatory break, you can use PTV’s truck routing system to re-optimise your routing schedule.  Don’t lose money when such situations occur, improve efficiency and your profits by using PTV’s truck routing system. We make rerouting your drivers for maximum efficiency easy!

Reduce loss and waste with truck routing

One of the most common causes of operational inefficiency is when your drivers don’t have enough information to make the most profitable decisions. This happens frequently with customer cancelling or changing their requirements. With the truck routing system it’s possible to find customers that are available within a tight radius. Our system can also assist your drivers finding the nearest petrol station or resting places, so your drivers don’t have to waste any time looking for them.

Quick routing saves money and time

With all the options our truck routing system offers, it is easy to create efficient truck routes and improve the efficiency of your fleet. This not only helps you reduce fuel costs, it also reduces man hours and emissions. At the same time our system helps you improve your customer service, increasing your market competitiveness. There are plenty of benefits to our truck routing system that make it worth a try!

Try PTV’s truck routing system

Leverage PTV’s truck routing software-based system today so your logistics company doesn’t have to deal with the common hassle of searching for nearby petrol stations, restaurants or available customers. With our software we help you eliminate the hassle! Contact PTV Group today for more information about our software-based system.

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