Truck Toll Calculator

Save toll and transport costs

One of the 'hidden' costs many trucking companies are often completely unaware of take the form of toll costs. Different routes can end up having dramatically different costs because of the difference in toll costs among them. Even seemingly efficient and fast routes might end up being more expensive due to tolls. PTV's truck toll calculator feature in its truck navigation software helps you get a clear view of the cost profile of your routes.

Use a truck toll calculator to assess routes' real costs

It's too easy to focus on distance and traffic level when assessing the potential costs of competing routes. Sadly, if you forget about the toll costs of some of your routes, your company might be settling for lower profits than necessary. Using PTV's truck toll calculator, you can lay out more profitable routes for your truck fleet by accurately factoring in toll costs.

Maximise your logistics firm's overall route profitability by factoring in tolls

Whenever a truck has to be rerouted, a logistics firm runs the risk of slimmer or even non-existent profits due to the impact of tolls. Thanks to PTV's truck toll calculator, you can make more informed decisions regarding your routing choices. Call or e-mail PTV for more information about: truck toll calculator.

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