Truck Track and trace

Maximise your logistics firm's profitability by keeping solid track of where your trucks are at any given time. This ensures a high likelihood that your trucks and the goods they deliver will arrive on time. Even if certain contingencies appear and you need to reroute, a software-driven truck track and trace system can help your business remain profitable by steering you away from potentially wasteful decisions.

PTV's Truck track and trace system

Using a software-based truck track and trace system, you can give your customers tremendous peace of mind because they would not have to worry needlessly about their cargo arriving on time.

More effective route management

The longer a truck stays 'lost', the less money your company makes. In fact, considering how competitive the modern trucking industry is, there's a high chance that too many lost trucks will land your company in the red. You can say good-bye to all that hassle with PTV's powerful truck track and trace software system.

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