Waste Management

Optimise collection and distribution rounds

Distribute the workload evenly between the vehicle fleet and drivers and take into account time restrictions  – directly integrated into your resource planning. Waste management has to master numerous challenges. But a head of operations in the field of waste management, road cleaning and winter road maintenance needs more: specific information for certain areas and traffic obstructions need to be factored in and destinations have to be bundled effectively into optimum trips.

The most modern software components to meet individual requirements

By integrating PTV xServer, you can add tailored functions to your software solution. Individually adjusted to the needs of your customers from the waste management industry. Thomas Ernst, Managing Director of implico GmbH and partner of PTV Group: “The compatibility of components with SAP systems is particularly important for us. We have developed a high-performance IDM product by combining PTV xServer with SAP tools. The software has enabled us to speed up planning and scheduling by 80 percent. We are very happy with the collaboration.“