Workforce Management

Modernise human resource management

Optimise the bundling of geographically scattered destinations and allocate service and sales staff to assignments according to their skills - directly integrated into your resource planning. Workforce management has to master numerous challenges. But your head of operations needs even more - traffic obstructions and congestion, route changes, trip extensions or new orders booked at short notice must also be factored into planning.

Software components for individuality instead of standard solutions

By integrating PTV xServer, you can add tailored functions to your software solution. Individually adjusted to the needs of your customers in the field of workforce management. Jörg Zölzer, Managing Director of ParCon Consulting GmbH and partner of PTV Group: “We chose PTV Group as technology partner because of the particular functionalities of the PTV xServer. The PTV xServer also covers areas such as emissions calculation and offers unique selling points for our SAP-integrated solution in the fields of logistics, service and sales."