Data Manager

PTV xServer internet Data Manager allows you to add your own location data to display it on the map or search it with PTV xLocate and xRoute Server.

1. Import your Data

Go to the PTV xServer internet Data Manager Portal and login with the credentials of your active PTV xServer internet license.

You can find the credentials in the PTV xServer internet portal.

A detailed explanation of the import steps can be found on the PTV map&guide internet support site.

2. Get your layer id

After the import, you can get the Layer Id on the Information sheet of the selected database. 

3. Use the layer id to access your data inside PTV xServer requests

You can use the layer id to refer to your imported data within PTV xServer requests. These services can be used for your data access:

  • Display the data on the map with PTV xMap Server
  • Search for all locations around a location with PTV xLocate Server
  • Search for all locations along a route with PTV xRoute Server

We provide a sample on GitHub that demonstrates the PTV xServer access with JavaScript. You can test your data with the sample and download the source code here