xServer internet on GitHub

PTV xServer internet is on GitHub. You can find many codes samples and demos on the PTV Logistics GitHub page. Here is a selection of samples.


A Leaflet plugin for PTV xMapServer layers https://github.com/ptv-logistics/Leaflet.PtvLayer

Leaflet Routing Machine

This is a control for routing in Leaflet. In short, it helps finding the way from one location to another, possibly visiting a couple of via points in between. You can drag and drop the blue waypoint markers, or grab the orange route line and drag a new via waypoint. You can also enter an address in the address text fields on the right side..link to the project 

Feature-Layer Labs

Sample use cases for PTV FeatureLayer http://ptv-logistics.github.io/fl-labs/

Data-Manager Labs

Sample use cases for PTV Data-Manager github.com/ptv-logistics/dm-labs/