Introduction to PTV xServer internet

PTV xServer internet data processing centres and cloud services

The following section provides information on hosting and PTV xServer internet URLs.



Data processing centres

PTV xServer internet services are located in various Microsoft® Windows® Azure data processing centres to avoid potential time delays caused by network disruptions or congestion, particularly in the case of intercontinental server requests.

Cloud Services

Each data processing centre offers one or more Cloud Services, also called Clusters. There are usually three different Cloud Services for each map that is hosted in the data processing centre. These three services are named test, integration and productive system.

The PTV xServer internet system landscape offers you a three-tier environment architecture:

Test system

Available to all users to test PTV xServer internet. The test environment is used to make new versions available or to test solutions to problems if necessary.

Integration system

You will always find the new, officially approved version of PTV xServer here. You can access the integration environment by purchasing PTV xServer internet. It is used to develop applications. Apart from during the update phases, it is identical to the productive environment.

Production system

This environment contains the PTV xServer internet services for productive operations that are used by end users. PTV AG ensures availability as described in the SLA concluded upon purchase.

If a new version of PTV xServer is available, the three development environments will be updated in a cycle, which is usually 4 weeks.


Within one Cloud Service there are two or more instances with PTV xServer available. Load balancer divides the last incoming requests between different instances and therefore optimizes the performance.



Service addresses and structure

You have to change the xServer internet URL and subdomain in accordance with your desired cloud service. All subdomains are based on the wildcard certificate * and are exclusively available via HTTPS. Furthermore, the subdomain consists of three parts separated by hyphens:


  1. The name of the relevant PTV xServer (e.g. xmap)
  2. The map cluster (e.g. eu-n)
  3. The desired system environment (e.g. test)

Based on these details, the URL is then built as follows:

Find your desired URL from on our General Information page. Just select a service cluster and the according PTV xServer to open the links section.