PTV xServer internet Portal

You can still use the customer center, if you are a productive PTV xServer internet customer.

New customers must register at the PTV xServer internet Portal, where they can see their trial license status. 

Create your account

To gain access to the PTV xServer, you must first set up an account in the PTV xServer developer zone. Click on "Test now for free" and fill out the form with the necessary data. Please note that you need to provide a valid mobile number because you will receive a TAN via text message (SMS).

License types

60-Day test license

Through setting up your account, you receive free test access to PTV xServer internet for 60 days. Some days before your free test access ends you will receive a notification email.

Check license expiration date

You can check the expiration date of your license in you PTV xServer Internet Portal, when you are logged in.

To extend your 60 day trial, please contact our sales Team.

Your account informations

Once you have successfully activated your account, you will find your personal account data in the xServer Internet Portal: your user name, password, and token for PTV xServer internet and add-ons such as Ajax Maps and its expiration date.

There you can also edit your account informations.

The access data is different for every licence.

You may test your access permissions and the reachability of PTV xServer internet services by using our test page.

Note: Please keep your account and access data safe and do not disclose it to third parties. This is your official access data for PTV xServer internet. You are not permitted to disclose your access data to third parties. Please note that for security reasons, if your account and/or access data are lost, PTV AG Support cannot give them to you without verifying your identity.