Technical Requirements


PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG, Haid-und-Neu-Straße 15, 76131 Karlsruhe (PTV), operates the PTV xServer Internet service. This involves cloud-based software components that are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) on the Internet. The use of this service enables the customer to independently develop and supply card-based applications. This document describes the basic technical features of the service.

Customer hardware and software requirements

The PTV xServer Internet service offers a web service. This means that the customer is required to have an Internet connection to use the service. Given that all PTV xServer services are provided via hosting, there are no special minimum requirements concerning central memory, disk space or computing speed for the accessing customer systems.

There are no restrictions concerning the operating systems in use as long as it is possible to access the HTTP or HTTPS (Ports 80 and 443) via Internet. PTV can and will not publish a complete list of all supported operating systems and their variants and versions.

In principle, customers can also use mobile devices to access the services provided by the PTV xServer. Due to the lower system resources on mobile devices, they cannot be used to access the same range of services as a workplace system.

Technical features of the service

The PTV xServer services fall into the categories of rendering, routing, locating and tour optimisation. Each of these services is provided by its own PTV xServer (or a farm of PTV xServer). The PTV xServer or their web services are each accessible under their own URLs. The current URL structure is described in the PTV xServer internet introduction available in the PTV Developer Zone.

Logging into the service via BasicAuthentication with a username=xtok and a password=<your token> is required for basic access. Your token is deposited in the customer centre or web shop. In addition, xMap services can also be accessed via WMS and AjaxMaps and other mapping APIs. Further information and examples on concrete access to the PTV xServer can be found in the code sample documentation on the PTV DeveloperZone.

The technical provision of the PTV xServer Internet service takes place via the  Azure Platform of Microsoft GmbH. The PTV xServer Internet service is hosted on virtual machines.

The number and type of the virtual machines used are dependent on the total system load and scale according to the load. From the outside, the number of machines in use is not visible to the customer. PTV has no influence on the available bandwidth from the customer system to the cloud-based service or  vice versa.

Typical Instance of a PTV xServer internet deployment

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