xS-XF: New Usecase: Cover Locations

Deals with clustering based on locations but also on time regularity.

xS-XF: New Usecase: Cover Locations

Postby Bernd Welter » Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:21 pm

Hello together,

the following screenshots are based on some of our new features implemented in the upcoming interfaces. The usecase itself is called COVER LOCATIONS and is of a strategic use. It is quite close to xTerritories data model, i.e. the basic objects are
Areas also known as CLUSTERS (e.g. subsidaries, outlets, service technicians homebase...)
Locations (e.g. customers)

Before I start with the screenshots I define some further terms:
A location is called "covered" if at least one cluster center is able to reach the location within the given coverage distance (could be driving time (default) or distance).
A location provides a so-called activity (in the screenshots the activity is == 1 for each location=customer).
A cluster center aka subsidary has some static costs that have to be applied if the center is active.
The scope of the samples is the Czech Republic: I defined 5 potential subsidaries (cost==1) and about 270 customers
In both examples the COVERING DISTANCE is set to 8hours of airline based driving period.
GREEN: active subsidary or covered customer

There are two main usecases available with COVER LOCATIONS.

Try to identify a minimum subset of the given subsidaries which cover at least 50% of the available activity.

Choose 3 out of 5 subsidaries and try to maximize the covered activity.

I'm really looking forward to the new usecases - let me know if you are interested and which features you'd like to evaluate next!

Best regards Bernd
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