Javascript client classes IE8 CORS error

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Javascript client classes IE8 CORS error

Postby ASOL » Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:23 pm


I have to use IE8 compatibility mode in my aspx Site and im trying to implement the PTV functions with Javascript Client Classes.
Now im trying initialize the xMapClient and set the credentials and there Comes the error: "This browser does not support CORS with basic authentication." xmap-client.js (259,5)

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  mapClient = new XMapClient('');
            mapClient.setCredentials(xtok, token);

Im not really sure how to solve the CORS Problem in ie8.
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Re: Javascript client classes IE8 CORS error

Postby Oliver Heilig » Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:38 pm


we don't support IE8 for xServer-JavaScript client anymore. I recommend using the xMap-1 WMS servlet instead PTV clients, so you don't have any CORS issues (even with IE8). Read here for samples how to include them into browser maps. ... ate/xmap-1

Or use the new rest/tile API for xMap-2 ... ilerplate/

For all other xserver1/2 APis i recommend to use plain ajax + jQuery instead of the PTV xServer clients, see ... -json-api/

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