Usecase samples xTerritory

Strategic planning of areas and assignment of customers to subsidaries:
- from scratch (=planTewrritories)
- assignment to existing subsidaries (=distributeLocations)
- assignment and rearrangement to given and new subsidaries

Usecase samples xTerritory

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:16 am

Hey ho,
since a few weeks we have the new xTerritory on board. Now the question is: what is it used for?
The answer in short words:
  • this is a server that is useful in strategic usecases
  • we use it as backend engine in the future version of xServer based Map&Market
But as images tell more than words just look at the following screenshots starting with the input data
  • Given is a number of 402 customers spread over Germany
  • Furthermore there are 4 existing subsidaries in Hamburg, Berlin, München and Karlsruhe
locations and territries.png
Input data: the 402 customers and the 4 existing subsidaries

Usecase #1 - planTerritories:
imagine there are no existing subsidaries but you'd like to create some but you are not sure how many you need and where they should be placed. With planTerritories you can simulate and request possible subsidaries
Simulation and creation of 5 subsidaries

Simulation and creation of 20 subsidaries

There are several goals (at the same time) that fullfill a perfect planning:
  • compactness: the driving times and distances between the locations of a single territory are minimized - the structure is more a circle than a stretched area
  • balance: as each customer has a so-called activity (service period, revenue, priority score) territories are balanced if each territory has an equal aggregated sum of activity. usualy there is a range between the deviation (e.g. between 80% and 120%) that limits a solution.
  • continuity: a territory should be one single area and not a summary of 2 or more regions

If you compare the statistics of the 5-solution and the 20-solution you can see some key values of a planning result.
Due to my parametrizing in both scenarios the relative range of activity is between 90% and 110%. Enforcing a small range requires more time - more flexible tolerance might produce faster results.
statistics 5

statistics 20

Usecase #2 - distributeLocations :
Now in this usecase we consider the existing territories (four of them) and request to assign the customers to these subsidaries. The number of target territories is therefore the nomber of existing subsidaries. Of course we also enforce the goals continuity, balance and compactness.
Assignment to the existing subsidaries

Existing subsidaries

In the statictics you can see that the names of the territories are the given subsidaries in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Karlsruhe. The structure of the output is equal to the planTerritories. But in this usecase the centers of the territories are not computed but the subsidaries

Usecase #3 - changeTerritories:
With this final usecase we merge existing subsidaries with potential new subsidaries. I requested a total number of 7 territories and provided 4 existing subsidaries. This is why the statistics mention the known subsidaries and 3 more proposals.
3 more territory centers in the middle of Germany

mixture between existing subsidaries and 3 more proposals

Tip: the proposed territory centers are always based on the customer locations

I hope this screenshots demonstrate the potantial of xTerritory - let me know if you have further questions!

Best regards
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Re: Usecase samples xTerritory

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:42 pm

And here is usecase #4:
I have more subsidaries than required and want to know which ones are the best ones to keep.
In the given setting I request 2 subsidaries to be reduced.
This is why one in the north and one in the south are chosen to be kept.

Decisions have been made


Best regards Bernd
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Re: Usecase samples xTerritory

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:54 pm

Another little screenshot

  • 5 territories
  • various locations with individual activities (small ball=small activity, large ball=large activity)
  • requested scale between territories 40% : 20% : 20% : 10% : 10% (which is based on number of resources 4:2:2:1:1)
  • result: activities are scaled, number of customers per territory are not scaled
  • step 2: within each territory the number of tours is based on the number of resources, tours are balanced
Feedback welcome!

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