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ArrivalBoard: How long are tours displayed after arrival?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:33 pm
by Bernd Welter
Hi there,

I've seen that the arrival board is displaying the latest arrivals of trucks.
A prospect expects several hundred trucks per day per board.
The latest view on the board seems to display the arrivals of the morning which are already "outdated".
Is there any mechanism available that configures the retention time of entries in the arrival boards list?
The tours at the head of the bpard are supposed to be surpressed in the list because they are outdated.

Best regards,


Re: ArrivalBoard: How long are tours displayed after arrival

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:14 pm
by Michael.Hubschneider
The Arrival Board also contains historic / arrived tours of the last 24h which is a very helpful functionality in many cases.

It is not really disturbing, as the Arrival Board has an automatic scrolling mechanism, so you will be automatically scrolled to see the current arrivals, but users have to the possibility to scroll back in time to check some arrivals.