FYI: Named xServer 2.x versions on xServer Internet

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FYI: Named xServer 2.x versions on xServer Internet

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed May 16, 2018 4:03 pm

Hi there,

as some of you might know we have implemented a feature in the xServer2 framework that enables us to offer various service URLs based on the following "perspective" (example: xLocate):
Named Versions:
- explicit version
Screenshot taken from production

  • HEAD : this refers to the latest status of the released product features. A feature that was released will stay part of the future deployments
  • EXPERIMENTAL : regular features plus some upcoming features marked as experimental. Experimental features are subject to change. We might therefor remove properties, parameters or even complete methods from the service - depends on our experience and your feedback
  • VERSION : there's also a version tagged URL which refers to a subset of those features that were part of this specific verion.

Well, with the latest update of our test environment ... rvices.htm we decided to remove the named version which reduces the URLs to the following set:
Test environment : the named version is no longer part of it

Unfortunately some of the developers were missing this named versions and we do not want to have such an effect on production. Therefore we want to let you know:
  • We recommend not to use the named versions on production of xServer INTERNET. Use the HEAD version fro your live application!
  • We will keep the named 2.6 version with the production update to 2.7 (already processed) but we will remove the named version with version 2.8
Best regards,

PS: do not hesitate to get back to us if you have question - we want to ensure that your production is not affected ;-)
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