Generating support packages

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Generating support packages

Postby Joost » Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:31 am

Hello All,

When sending an issue to support often the first reply will be a request for details like "which xServer version" or "which map release" are you using. Gathering all the details can be an hassle, luckily the xServers have an option build in to gather all this information for you in a single support package. The only thing you need is a sample request that demonstrates your issue, the xServer can gather the rest for you.

Step to create a support package:
  • Go to the management console of your xServer. To do this simply open a browser and connect to the xServer host on the port it is running. For example if I'm running an xLocate on my local machine i go to http://localhost:50020 .
  • Click on the raw request runner option
  • Make sure you set the protocol to match the protocol you are using (JSON or soap) See screenshot, annotation 1.
  • Paste your request in the upper text box, annotation 2.
  • Press send to execute the request, annotation 3.
  • Press the "bug button" to create the support package, annotation 4. This will give you an file. Note that modern browser may see this action as an unwanted popup, if so please disable your popup blocking for the page.

Please included these when sending an issue to our support departments.

With Regards,
Joost Claessen
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