Backup of xServer

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Backup of xServer

Postby PaulBuechs » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:24 pm

I want to ask which folder of a xServer should be saved for an emergency backup.
If we have on Server A all xServer set up as we want it and have a second Server B, there are all xServer run without set up, which files from Server A we need to save, to restore the functionality on Server B. “Conf” Folder and license.ptv file are clear, but are they any other files/folders needed, that get changed for a xServer?

Best regards Paul
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Re: Backup of xServer

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:59 pm

Hello Paul,

from my perspective the following objects should be part of a backup:

  • /CONF : (all xServers) contains all necessary configuration files
  • /data/dima : (xdima, xtour, xcluster, xterritory) - depends on whether you prepared some reference dimas you'd like to reuse (in this case I recommend to have them on a test environment, too). Important to know: existing dimas use a path property in the ini file - make sure the context matches your restore environment's pathes.
  • xmap/data/bitmaps : (xmap only) - if you add customized icons they have to be on both machines, too.
  • searchgraphs (added 26.2.2018) : if you use custom precalculated search graphs for high performance routing they have to be saved, too.
  • and take care of the map directory itself
Best regards Bernd

PS: I assume you need a hot standby machine?
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