What is the meaning of "code: -1074"?

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What is the meaning of "code: -1074"?

Postby Bernd Welter » Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:35 am

Hi there,

today I installed the xServer 1.26 in combination with a North America City map 2018. The server didn't start properly and the logfile showed the following message:

"Could not start distance calculation engine. Engine error: The map data compatibility version doesn't match the profile compatibility version (code: -1074)"

This error is caused by the newly invented 1.26.0 feature:
Improvement: Added new attribute 'dataCompatibilityVersion' to the stored profiles in order to check consistency and validity with new PTV map data version. Please ensure that your profiles and map data have the same version as otherwise the PTV xCluster won't start (see 'Technical Concepts - About Profiles - Profile & Map Versions').

This Map received improvements in the initial speed value preparation.

With this, PTV xServers are able to increase the routing quality by over 75% based on real driving data.
To work correctly as desired, this changes in the map data need to be acompanied by according new vehicle profiles for xRoute and xTour.

To determine the map version a new parameter called dataCompatibilityVersion was introduced in the map and profiles of your PTV xServer.
The PTV xServer has a Validation Mechanism integrated which compares the version of profile and map. If these two version are not the same the PTV xServer won't start and leave a regarding message in the logfile.

This set of profiles within the zip-file contain all PTV xServer standard profiles adjusted to the new improved map data.
Furthermore, you receive explicit vehicle profiles for USA and Australia which to fit the requirements of those regions.

It is highly recommended to exchange your existing standard profile set (located in the xServer conf directory) with this set.
(Otherwsie the use of current standard vehicle profiles could lead to undesired effects mainly in travel time calculation.)

If you work with custom vehicle profiles, you may have to manually adjust them to the new map versions, too.
Please contact PTV xServer Support <support.de@xserver.ptvgroup.com> if you need help or advise.

Content of the zip-file:

1. VehicleProfiles_Australia
Special vehicle profiles for Australia based on the license types of Australia
2. VehicleProfiles_NorthAmerica
Special vehicle profiles for North America based on the gross vehicle weight rating of the Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration
3. xMap folder
Rendering profiles adjusted for the new map version
4. xMapmatch folder
Mapmatching profiles adjusted for the new map version
5. xRoute folder
Routing profiles for PTV xRoute adjusted for the new map version
6. xServer_bundle folder
All profiles within the PTV xServer Bundle adjusted to the new map version
7. xTour folder
Routing profiles for PTV xTour adjusted to the new map version

So check this to get more details.

Once I copied the new profiles (thanks to Steffen) into the xTour 1.26.0 the server started properly

Best regards,
Bernd Welter
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