Licensing (techn.) in AWS and AZURE

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Licensing (techn.) in AWS and AZURE

Postby Bernd Welter » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:37 am

Hi there,

one of my partners evaluates to buy PaaS from Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft (AZURE) to host his licensed xServers in the cloud. An important initial question is how the licensing is implemented for such a deployment model: As the IP addresses and hardware IDs of such virtual environments is subject to change we need to know how we can satisfy the partners hosting scenario with a proper license approach.

If you want to license an xServer in a dynamic environment such as AWS or AZURE we can offer the following approaches:

xServer 1
- You can get a wildcard license which is not restricted to a specific IP address of the host. This license is treated as a partner license

xServer 2
- You can get a wildcard license (same as within xServer 1)
- Or you can set up a licensing server which works with a so-called floating license (bound to hardware ID). Your xServers will then connect the licensing server to get authorized.

:!: Important: For such a license the validity period is a single calender year (regular maintenance period).

Best regards,

Just a side note:
If you want to protect your server from usage through unauthorized client applications we recommend to apply the Partner Authentication.
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