Data update cycles and provisioning

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Data update cycles and provisioning

Postby Bernd Welter » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:44 am

Hi there,

from time to time prospects and customers ask us about the update cycles of PTV map data. Here's a quick intro and overview. Feel fee to provide feedback or further questions if needed.

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  • What kind of maps does PTV provide? - We offer both standard maps (European City, North America City, ...) and project based maps (e.g. Saudi Arabia...). While standard maps have their regular update cycle the project maps have individual triggers. The major providers we deal with are the global players HERE and TOMTOM.
  • How often does PTV update map data? - Depends on the used map. For some standard maps such as European City we provide a core map update twice per year (for both providers HERE (H) and TOMTOM (T), e.g. 2018.2H is succeeded by 2019.1H, 2019.2H, 2020.1H, and so on). While some additional data cycles (such as TruckAttributes and SpeedPatterns) are aligned to the core map other packages (such as Traffic Info or Toll Updates) is updated on shorter
  • How often does PTV update toll data? - Toll data for the European city maps is usually processed several times per year. We update the scenarios countrywise and long before the tarifs apply. So it might be the case that we update country1, country 2, ... in january, next countries in february and so on.
  • How often does PTV update traffic incidents data? - Traffic incidents data is consumed via online access from TOMTOM. The update cycle is described here. As of today the update cycle of the provider himself is "every 120 secs".
  • Where can we download the map data? - For players who licensed a map we can offer an individual download link for the map setup. The link will be provided by contract services. It is a temporary download and please be aware that you need serial numbers for a proper installation.
  • Where can we download the additional data such as feature layers or toll updates? - Since 2018 we do no longer provide dedicated download links for the additional data: Static feature layer content is part of the map setup and if you want to install the content you need a proper serial number (provided by contract services). Dynamic content (PTV_TrafficIncidents and toll Toll updates) is available through the Content Update Service (additional plugin). Also the xServer2 uses this approach documentet online. Quick sidenote: MapServer users can check the Toll Update Wizard. Here's also a link to the Developer Zone.
  • We saw the WorldMap is available for PTV xServer Internet. Does PTV provide the WorldMap for onPremise installations, too? - The TOMTOM World Map is available for On Premise installations, too BUT under certain restrictions: The system requirements are much heavier than with continental maps and we only sell the On Premise map in combination with Professional Services. Get in touch with your associated Sales at PTV to get more details.
  • Is the World Map just the same as the sum of the continental maps? - The TOMTOM World Map is not just the sum of the continental maps. The data quality of the continental maps is a bit more detailed as within the World map. And the World Map is based on one single provider TomTom while the continental maps are available through different providers.
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