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Info about PTV World Map (AND)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:07 pm
by Bernd Welter
HI there,

I'd like to mention the PTV World Map (AND) which provides seamless mapping consistent across the whole word. As an intermediate street level map PTV World Map (AND) is intended for backdrop mapping and high level route analysis. This map covers Europe and the USA on the scale of 1: 250,000; the rest of the world is included in a scale of 1: 2,000,000 or higher resolution.
The data package includes, among other features, national boundaries, local points, railway lines, ferries and land use information. The road network covers more than 16 M. kilometer and more than 1 M. locality points are implemented. This map is released once a year.

Feel free to provide feedback!

Best regards

Re: Info about PTV World Map (AND)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 5:56 am
Dear Bernd,

thank you for your brief recap on this. I'd like to add that there are some blind spots. Major countries with more or less only some big cities and a few main roads are e.g. India, Korea and China. Perhaps there is the possibility to look behind the scenes to know why!? North Korea and China, as far as I know, do not like the publishing of geo-data outside their own countries.

Do you have an explanation for Japan, India and South Korea?

I know there is a table available from PTV with the map capabilities country by country e.g. that finding of addresses is possible on street level or not. Please assist by setting a link to this - couldn't find it :oops:

Kind Regards

Re: Info about PTV World Map (AND)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:14 am
by Bernd Welter
Hello Mr. X

I know what you mean - these questions are tricky to answer. As you might know the data itself isn't gathered by PTV but bought from global players such as HERE, TOMTOM, AND, ...
Of course we want to be as complete as possible but as you already recognized: for various reasons the data isn't available. Just to mention some of the reasons (I'm not mentioning the countries with intent) :

  • the data isn't available due to political conditions (laws within those countries)
  • the data is available but f***ing expensive so no customer would be willing to pay (and we can't buy for experimental reasons)
  • the data isn't available at all
And of course some data layers (TruckAttributes, SpeedPatterns, ...) might be available for some regions but not for all.
On the other hand let me tell you that we have a bunch of data experts dealing with the available data all the time, reviewing and optimizing it. They provide a great job and the output is available in almost all PTV products.
So happy to have them ;-)

Best regards Bernd

PS: f***ing means freaking...