FYI: Approaches towards consulting and knowhow transfer

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FYI: Approaches towards consulting and knowhow transfer

Postby Bernd Welter » Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:13 am

Hello world,

Currently we are redesigning our Professional Services in some of our international subsidaries.
For that we already implemented various channels of communication and knowhow transfer.
Here is just a quick list of potential features we can offer within our product Professional Services.
Feel free to mention further approaches - we are always welcome to improve ourselves.

  • And we recommend to check your requirements first
  • and to determine the optimal channel afterwards.

Let's start with those approaches that require direct 1:1 interaction between you and an expert:

  • Phone / Email
  • Websession based on Citrix Go2Meeting. We can share our dektop (presales) or access yours (if you like) to drill through the current issues
  • Workshop at your address: one of our consultants will be happy to visit you at your
    offices to teach your team how to use the components. If we can't answer one of your
    questions on the fly we will take care of it and return to you with the answers
  • Workshop at headquarter (incl. developers): sometimes it is necessary to include our
    backend experts, those ladies and gentlemen who implement the components you'd like
    to use - whether it is at the server level or even within the core component level
  • Implementation of POC / Proove Of Concept

You can speed up the preparations of a workshop by filling the following form - if we receive this we can get in touch with fastest speed:
Workshop preparation form

Sometimes the topics on the radar are of a public interest level, quite generic.
For such topics we might offer community driven approaches such as

  • Webinars (German and English, pure PTV or together with partners, held by product management,
    Sales or Technical consulting)
  • Youtube: usually the webinars are recorded and we provide the videos on youtube afterwards.
    If you need more details about existing features we also might produce new videos on short
    term and and deliver at the samen day ;-)
  • Forum: reborn in 2014 this public discussion platform grows continuously. With more than 300
    logins, more than 1500 posts (WOW!) and 20 categories it is the perfect public channel for
    discussions about "how do I", "is it possible to", "look what we featured for you"
  • Developer Blogg: filled with live by our product managers you stay up2date with the latest developments

Anything missing? Let us know,

Best regards
Bernd Welter
Manager Technical Consulting & Requirement Engineering
Senior Technical Consultant Developer Components
PTV GROUP - Germany

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