xServer 2.10 available for download (22.11.2018)

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xServer 2.10 available for download (22.11.2018)

Postby Bernd Welter » Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:51 am

Dear xServer Stakeholders,

the PTV xServer 2.10 is released! The highlights are:

  • Setting several API elements ready for productive use (e.g. rendering profile or toll summary are no longer experimental).
    Check this DevBlog entry, too! And this one ;-)
  • Support to consider restrictions of vehicles with trailer exceeding a given length or width
  • Creation of distance matrices including time-dependent travel times (experimental)
  • Export of a route for guided navigation in PTV Navigator (experimental) --> BCR
The on-premise solution can be found here:
The PTV xServer 2.10 is released just three weeks (one sprint) after 2.9, but there are again several things to check out … have fun and tell us about it!

Regards, your xServer 2 teams
Bernd Welter
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